Financial Planning Services


Hunter Street will provide a solid framework for handling both long and short range investment decisions. Optimize usage of different asset classes which lowers the risk profile for expected return.  We strive to provide the highest returns with the least amount of volatility. 

With no products to sell, Hunter Street can create a customized, tax efficient, low-cost portfolio for you.  Our portfolios are managed by a team with decades of experience and the credentials that meet the highest industry standards.





In the early stages of retirement we can optimize your strategy and help you understand how much you need to save in order to meet your goals. If you are nearing retirement, a main question to ask is:  Will Social Security, my pension and savings generate enough income to cover my expected retirement expenses? 

During retirement we can show you how to withdraw your assets so they don't run out and when to take required minimum distributions. The results are the foundation for your future. Investing wisely now can ensure you will obtain the retirement program envisioned throughout your working years.  




The process of establishing a master plan for the distribution of one's assets.


While many estate plans may be prompted by tax considerations, our chief objective is to safeguard your assets for the benefit of your heirs.  If you have an estate that is taxable above the exclusion amounts, planning should begin now to reduce the size of your estate.


Hunter Street employs a strategy known as CARE:

  • C – Create liquidity
  • A – Avoid probate
  • R – Reduce taxes
  • E – Execute documents



Hunter Street will help you determine your retirement cash flow needs and identify your sources of income.  We will evaluate when Social Security should taken while looking at your income and expenses. Withdrawal timing is critical.  How and when you choose to withdraw from various accounts such as 401(k)s, Roth accounts, and others can impact your taxes in different ways.

For many retirees, the amount of taxes they are expected to pay may come as an unwelcome surprise. Don't let any unwanted situations pop up from mismanaged expectations. This can happen if you only short-term plan for taxes in retirement.  Let Hunter Street Investment Advisors help you plan over multiple years.