Retire Strategically

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Retire Strategically

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Recent market swings related to the coronavirus have caused many to question their plans for retirement. It’s more important than ever to map out all the implications of retiring, because retiring means a fundamental change in the way you look at your finances. You’re switching from a mindset focused on accumulating assets to one that’s focused on turning savings into an inflation-adjusted sustainable retirement income stream. Current market volatility isn’t a reason to panic, but it is a reason to plan.

Hunter Street Investment Advisors LLC is governed by the State of North Carolina Investment Advisors Act. We take a holistic goal-based approach to your financial planning. True holistic management means creating investment portfolios which complement each other in diversification while achieving the personal goals you set forth. A master plan that will be governed by a single investment strategy which can cover multiple household members, accounts and custodians. Our firm's fee-only professionals have a combined 70 years of investment management experience.

Hunter Street serves both the individual and institutional investor and we are mandated by law to act as a fiduciary or trustee with regard to your financial advice. In doing business with an independent firm, you can expect to receive a commitment of good faith to act solely in your best interest. A level of service that is never compromised by commissions for transactions or product sales.

At Hunter Street Investment Advisors, our commitment to our clients is always the same—provide a solid framework for handling both long- and short-range investment decisions and offer superior planning through life transitions such as retirement. As a fiduciary, we offer the highest level of service and you can expect a commitment of good faith to act solely in your best interest.

– Joseph Malfeo, CFP ® CHFC ®


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  • Am I financially and emotionally ready to retire?
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  • How does Social Security fit into the picture?
  • What factors should I consider when making portfolio withdrawals?
  • What other factors (taxes, inflation, longevity, health care) should I think about as I transition into retirement?